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Explorers Program

The adventure is just beginning.

At Northwest Georgia Bank "the adventure is just beginning" for a lifetime of discovery, memories and investments.

We are proud to introduce to you Explorers, a travel and benefits program for our young-at-heart customers age 55 and above.


Expand your horizons! Join Explorers today. There's no cost to join and you may already qualify for membership.

Explorers travel. Members receive advance word about every Bank trip, and a discount on the trip price to boot.

Explorers are special. Members receive an entire package of exclusive benefits, including a premium CD rate. All at no additional cost.

Membership is a reward for the loyalty and trust you give Northwest Georgia Bank. Through travel, financial seminars and exclusive offers, membership in Explorers will add even greater value to your banking relationship.


Explorers make new friends. With exciting trips and social events, being an Explorer is great fun!


With Explorers, the adventure is just beginning. Fill out the application below to begin your benefits. There's no cost and no obligation.

The Explorers program includes these exclusive benefits to help begin your adventure . . .

  • Premium rates on CD's
  • Discounts on bank trips and travel
  • Special events and social activities

Requirements for Membership

You must be age 55 or above to become an Explorer-or be married to an Explorer! If you are married to an Explorer, you may be any age! (Also, you have to hold a Northwest Georgia Bank account jointly with your qualifying spouse.)

To become an Explorer, you also must be able to check at least one of the following boxes:

  • I have Smart Buy or our One for All account and a second, non-checking Northwest service.*
  • I have three Northwest services.*
  • I maintain a minimum of $5,000 in deposits at Northwest Georgia Bank. (The total may be held in more than one account.)
  • I have a minimum balance of $10,000 in a certificate(s) of deposits and I direct deposit the interest from the certificate(s) into a Northwest transaction account.

*Note: Bank services include checking accounts, saving accounts, CDs, IRAs, loans and credit cards. Insurance and investment products, safe deposit boxes and debit cards are not counted as services for membership within Explorers. Multiple accounts within a service category count as one only service.