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As a local community bank, we understand the importance of saving money and witness the impact it has on individuals' lives every day. Our commitment to helping you and your family build adequate savings is a driving force behind the range of savings accounts we offer. Our savings accounts are designed to meet you where you are now financially and then grow with you over the years as your funds increase.

From saving for the holidays to planning for retirement, medical expenses and future goals, our list of savings accounts are designed to make saving easier than ever:

Account Options Opening Deposit Interest Monthly Service Charge Statements Key Benefits
Basic Savings $100 Credited daily on
balances of $25 and above
$5/ quarter Free online statements *Earn interest on money you set aside whatever the purpose.
*Free Online Banking
Tiered Money Market $2,500 Credited monthly $10 Free online statements *Six withdrawals each month at no charge
*No monthly fees on balances of
*Free Online Banking
Offers tiered interest rates at:
Minor Savings - UTMA $100 Balances greater than or equal to $25
will accrue interest daily and will be credited
to the account semi-annually.
$0 Free online statements *A custodial savings account for minors under the age of 21.
*Account provides a way to legally transfer ownership of funds to a minor while prohibiting the minor's direct access to the funds.
*Six withdrawals per quarter at no charge; Eligible for six withdrawals per month.
*Free Online Banking
Christmas Club $25 Interest is paid in when funds are dispersed
- no later than December 1st
$0 Free online statements *Designed for those who like to save money for Christmas purchases - a great way to budget for the holidays!
*Deposits can be made at anytime.
*Free Online Banking

Certificate of Deposit

  • Provide guaranteed fixed rates and greater peace of mind
  • Free Online Banking


  • Retirement savings is a key to financial security. The tax benefits of an IRA can help you.
  • Free Online Banking